How does Batterii support Market Research Managers with the various jobs and responsibilities they have? 


Market research managers play a critical role in a new product’s success. They are responsible for clearly defining the goals for each project and guiding the overall marketing strategy  At the end of the day, consumers have to like the products that they launch and the campaigns that they create.

The first step to a successful launch or campaign is to work with the team to gather background information.  From consumer research to information about key market segments, market research managers and teams have to pull information together quickly, organize it, and share the key data and recommendations to executive stakeholders.  This work is time consuming, challenging, and must be done correctly for the product launch or campaign to be successful.

In this solution sheet, you will discover how Batterii can help solve these challenges by:

  • Moving quickly and capturing learning in the moment to better gather, analyze, and present data
  • Easily compiling different types of insights, research, and ideas into a single, easy-to-interpret presentation
  • Providing teams and leaders with the right information to make decisions and launch successful programs

Learn more about how Batterii can streamline your market research process by downloading the solution sheet.